Step into the adventure

For those who are too young. Too scared. Who don’t know how to. Who has never tried before. Who are broke. Who are busy. Who have no idea where to look at. Who are discouraged by their relatives. Who have convinced themselves it’s impossible. Or they don’t have the time. Nor the resources. For those who have hundreds of excuses. For men and women, adults and teens, experienced and beginners. Those who are not athletes at all. For those who tried once and failed. For those who don’t have support. Nor any particular skills. Or money. Or courage. And those who feel alone.

If your biggest dream is to travel, no matter who you are and what brought you here: welcome! I’m Noémie, I’m a traveller at heart. Like you, my life was full of “but” and “what if” until I jumped into the adventure… And never returned.

This is my journey, and I hope it will help you begin yours.


Article #1: How to travel with almost no money? 

If your excuse n°1 to explain why you’re not on the road right now is that you’re broke, well… You just found the best example that you’re lying to yourself. Yes, I always travel with almost nothing. You can’t believe it? Click to know more about my personal tips and experiences.


Article #2: Travelling as a woman

Yes, I am a woman. And yes, I do travel. Even in solo. Is it safe? What would be my advice to other women based on my previous trips? Tips to be safe when you travel? That’s here! (Coming soon)



Article #3: How to get ready for a bike travel?

All what you’ve wanted to know about my bike trip around Europe!
And how to prepare yours. (Coming soon)



Article #4: Albania

We had heard so many people criticizing beautiful Albania without even having stepped a foot on its land, that we were very surprised when we actually reached it. I’ve decided now that I’ve crossed the whole country on my bike from North to South… To talk about how wonderful this place is.
(Published by the Travelista Club)


Next Step…

Currently travelling New Zealand with The Nerdy Bookseller! Isn’t that exciting?



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